Sunday, November 11, 2007

Masih exam~~

Wow!! 3 weeks never update dy.. These days stress betul lah~~ Everybody busy studying, n i'm busy looking for job.. Scared holiday time no MONEY.. Jobs Applied:
  1. Reliance Tour's Junior Officer - Employed -Rm1500 offer - Working days Monday-Friday 9am-6pm & alternate Saturdays 9am-1pm.. REJECTED IMMEDIATELY
  2. JetStar Call Centre Representative (Australian budget airline.. like AirAsia) - GOT REJECTED as they were looking for full timers only..
  3. Genting's Customer Relation's Officer - Sent my application n still pending..

Oowww.... Can't imagine myself staring at the TV for the whole day during my summer break. I NEED A JOB BADLY.. Can't imagine that i'm having my finals now and i'm not stressed at all when i have no knowledge and facts in my god-damn brain.. I wish that my parents would give me allowance during my summer break so that i can go out with my frenz.. But.. It doesn't seem like my dream would come true.. Gotta dig out money from my bank once again :(

To all my rich friends out there, would all of you donate some money to me pls.. :) If not, don't ajak me out!! Haha.. I'm such a realistic a**hole.. Lol..

Monday, October 22, 2007

Saturday night..

Went to Hui Mei's house immediately after i finished my Saturday activities at approximately 9pm.. She was having a house warming in Kota Damansara.. Her house was huge and what i love most was her dog.. She has a cute lil Siberian Husky, and it was barking the whole night while we (Me, Hui Mei, Jun and Aaron) were eating at the basement garden..

Right after finishing my meal, we RUSHED into the AV room wanting to grab all the microphones for Karaoke session.. But there was one inconsiderate lady who kept holding onto the remote and filled up the song list up to 2 pages, which was around 15 songs.. OUCH.. There goes my day!!

Decided not to wait, we took a tour around her house visiting all areas of her house.. Everything was very modern, with flat LCDs on the wall.. Most part of the house was furnished with modern iKea furniture and high-tech electric appliances.. Except for one part - a bunch of guys were playing PS2 in the 2nd floor's hall.. That turned me off.. I thought that i would see Wii, rather than PS2.. Anyway, next time can go her house n jacuzzi!! Muahahaha..

After the tour, we rushed back to the AV room again.. Grabbed the remote and got ourselves 2 songs to sing, one for me n one for Jun.. Wanted to stay longer, but...... Jun has to be home by 12am.. So, being fully satisfied after 2 songs, we left..

Having myself in Kota Damansara on Saturday night, ofcoz must visit Jin!! Hehe.. Went for a yumcha session and talked till 1am.. Den, went to Jin's house n watch HK series till 4am and decided to stay over!! Muahahahaha... We lied down on bed and talk for the whole night bout love, love and LIZARD!!! Talked till around 7am i guess..

<== No clothes left in my car without my gym back.. Wore Jin's clothes and sleep.. Zzzz

Woke up at 1pm on Sunday morning, and Sarjan boy cheered up my morning.. We went and collect photos at The Curve and had chicken chop for lunch at a restaurant called Empress Cafe!! Yummy!! After lunch, straught home i went to sleep again.. There goes my Sunday.. :)

<==Jin's smelly feet + Cute lil Sarjan boy..

Thursday, October 11, 2007

DD (Depressed Days)

It's been a month plus since i last updated this dead blog of mine.. I've been going through a month of down days.. I can't write down what happened as i do not want any of you people to worry..

Having sleepless nights even though i've been going to bed quite early these days.. Thinking of some incidents that has been happening to me these days.. It seems like i have no one to talk to.. Jin shifted to a new house, and hasn't been going online for a long time.. Dare not tell Uncle CZ either.. Don't wanna disturb Uncle Vince with my sad stuffs, as he seems very busy.. Don't know how to tell Uncle HH, as he was having his exams.. N Kian, n Hao, n Sam, n Karl, n ZQ.. Everyone has their things to do.. People who are willing to listen are often the people that i'm not willing to tell things to.. Why's my life so complicated?? Am i the one who complicate it??

Last night, i was really really very tired, but i just couldn't sleep.. My eyes could barely open, but once i close my eyes, i see Mr.XX.. Listening to songs that i've never been listening to, my mood never got any better.. Wanted to call Jin, but.., i dare not.. Wanted to call Hao, but.., i dare not.. Luckily Uncle CZ and Uncle HH was online.. Uncle CZ sent me a song with very deep meaning which i couldn't understand at all and we talked bout UK stuffs, the way he merajuk really made my night much happier.. N so did Uncle HH, with all his deep thoughts, i always find it fun chatting with him.. Anyway, to anyone who doesn't noe Uncle HH, he's my personal advisor who's currently studying in TarCollege..

Hopefully tonight, my night would be good if Uncle CZ n Uncle HH on9 .. :)

  • This morning, i got my accounting mid-term exam results.. N so did some of my frens who are in the same tutorial group with me.. There was this one person who scored very well in her test, 95 out of 100.. I felt happy for her and ofcoz, i wished her congratulations.. I WAS KIND ENUF TO WISH HER CONGRATULATIONS.. N her reply to me was "No!! I scored badly.. It was below my expectation.. I expected to score higher.." with a look full with sad and disappointed expression.. N when she saw her fren's marks, which was ofcoz lower than hers, she said "OMG, you did very well.. Mine's so low.." Could anyone tell me why are there such hypocrites on earth?? Why do we have such people here?? Can't they just f**k out off this world?? This world are for humans, not for aliens.. If you wanna show off, BACK TO UR ALIENATED CITY pls.. I noe i shouldnt be talkin bad bout people (my dear fren) in here, as there will be people who knows her reading my blog.. But pls, if u ever read my blog, learn to be considerate.. Some people are sad about their marks, be thankful for what you got; N even if u r not, keep it in ur heart, coz ur words may sound SARCASTIC and HURTFUL to whoever who has heard it, such as me..

Monday, September 3, 2007

Durian Pancake

My favourite dessert from Mandarin Oriental Hotel. Ate this more than hundred times and still yearning for it everytime I dine in their chinese restaurant, called Lai Po Heen.

Well, let me introduce my favourite mouth-watering dish to all of you. This durian pancake is a cold dish, which contains durian and whipped cream. It is wrapped up in a very thin layer of skin made of "u've-gotta-ask-da-chef".

The price is definitely affordable to all of you. Hopefully u'll have a chance to try out this sumptuous dish.

Monday, August 27, 2007


These days, i've with really stressed up with my insufficient cash for my basic needs spending. Mum cut down my allowance from RM600 to RM400 due to my over-spending on "yumcha" session EVERY night. Well now, I've gotta spend RM240 on petrol every month, average of RM60 per week and RM70 on LDP toll, RM3.20 per day. With the sum of RM240 and RM70, i'm only left with RM90 for my food, beverage, "yumcha" session, movies, Karaoke and shopping.. HOW TO SURVIVE with RM90 per month?

Well, i'm a person who's reluctant to ask my parents for increment of my allowance. Therefore, i need a job BADLY. I can only work at night, as i'm having classes during the day time. Then, i can't work on weekends as well, as i have japanese language class to attend on Saturday. So, any suggestions on how to deal with this problematic case besides asking for increment from my parents, because that will be the last thing i'm willing to do. Or any job suggestions?

Justin, this post is for you. So, u better help me solve this prob out. :)

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Memory of cows..

A day filled of happiness in Sg.Wang. Forced to take picture with my so called cow watch + cow "tiang". Oh yea, let me introduce my best fren. She's Lois, a.k.a. Ms. BTAP..

Me + cow tiang..

This pose brings a magnificent expression to be shown when we're doing BIG BUSINESS in the toilet.

Monday, August 20, 2007

An hours' visit in Selayang Hospital

This afternoon, i went to Selayang Hospital to visit my aunt for the first time after she was admitted approximately a week ago. Not that i have no time for her, nor having uncountable lame excuses such as being busy with my presentation or having meeting up sessions with my friends, but... i was just totally relunctant to step into that building due to some poignant memories which i didn't want to recall ever, E-V-E-R in my entire life i could say. I was not prepared to recall, i don't want to recall, i'm scared to recall, i'm sad to recall.. There are millions, billions, or in fact trillions of reasons that sends shiver down my spine when i came to think about recalling such memories.

Driving down the basement parking lots, taking the same lift, walking the same path and seeing the familiar structure of the building. Those were the same paths i took a year ago. Every part of that building reminds me of the seconds & minutes that i've spent there, whether it was the days i went to visit my phychologist, or the nights where i've slept in the ward. My heart beats faster and faster, having me emotionally unstable, my heart aches, my tears welled up my eyes. I quickly swiped my tears of my cheeks, it was too embarrassing to cry over things that happened one year back!

As soon as i reached my aunt's ward at the 9th floor, i saw her lying on her bed snoring loudly. No one was there, except for the maid. I took a seat and observed her. Looking at the back of her hand being poked by the arterial venous fistula needle, wearing a green hospital attire, being checked on her blood pressure every 2 hours by the nurse, isn't that me a year back? My heart aches once again, those days of suffering really tormented my heart.

Still remembering the second where i was sent to the hospital and having a long hose of 8mm width transparent flexible "hose" forcefully poked through my nose, passing through my throat and reaching God knows which part of my body and inserting packets of God knows what liquid to wash up the chemicals in my stomach. Remembering the nights where i tried to commit suicide again and again in the hospital by banging my head all over the walls, causing my parents to cry and beg over me to stop me from doing so. Doctors think i've gone mad, nurses think i've gone crazy and deep in my heart i know, i was just yearning to meet someone who refuses to see me no matter what. I wanted to tell the doctors, the nurses and whoever thinks that i'm crazy that "I'm just heart-broken.. Will you save me from hell?.." My sleepless nights was caused by too much of thinking, too much of missing and nevertheless, too much of tears..

I had a long thought in the hospital today. However, i'm glad, as everything is over. One year has passed, and my sadness has reduced. Give me one more year, and i'm sure i'll be alrite to step into that hospital once again. May i celebrate my Day-Of-Reborning once again next year with a piece of cake, with you? :)